Established in 1973 Dsinchai Steel Company Limited. has been producing a wide range of Steel Pipes and Tubular Products for general and special purposes. Conforming to the specifications of BS, ASTM, JIS, TIS and all others being used in agricultural and industrial development locally and abroab.

      Thailand's largest steel pipes manufacturer, the company can produce E.R.W. pipes up to 8" O.D. and up to 8.18 mm, wall thickness. Annual production capacity in approximately 280,000 tons, and all kinds of its quality steel pipes and tubes have earned a worlwide reputation for high depandability.

      At Dsinchai Steel Co.,Ltd. we are utilizing past experience and constant research to provide quality products for you needs of today and tomorrow.



  • Slitting line
  • Pipe Forming
  • Galvanizing
  • Straightening
  • Quality Assurance
  • British Standard
  • American Standard of Testing & Measureme
      Owing to superior quality and competitiveness, We have supplied two thirds of the production all the World including Southeast Asia, middie East, Africa, Europe and Australia Iraq Pakistan Bahrain Iran Puerto Rico Bangladesh Japan Qatar Brunel Jordan Saudi Arabia Burma Kenya Singapore Canada Kuwait Sri Lanka China Mauritius South Yemen Ethiopia Nepal Syria Egypt Nigeria UAE Hong Kong Oman USA.